Pro-Active Commercial Property Trends vs. Reactive Residential Property Mindsets

Pro-Active Commercial Property Trends vs. Reactive Residential Property Mindsets

Some residential and commercial real estate repairs and/or maintenance issues might be more prevalent in certain parts of our country than others, but clogged water drains and backed up sewer lines are as disruptive, messy, costly and frustrating to residents of New York, Chicago and Dallas as they are to us in Orange County.

Residents and real estate owners of Orange County have been consistently ranked high on the list of California’s most committed, responsible and innovative eco-friendly communities.  We’ve earned  the reputation as pro-active “going green” leaders and eco-friendly preventative real estate maintenance innovators by using methods to protect our lifestyle and our real estate investments that are cost effective, efficient and do whatever we can to help preserve our limited supply of natural resources for future generations.

One of the most effective and quantifiable eco-positive contributions Orange County property owners and residents can make toward a better tomorrow is by extending the life expectancy of their residential, commercial and industrial real estate holding with pro-active and preventative real estate maintenance.  Keeping your real estate pro-actively maintained,  rather than reactively repaired adds years of life to your property and is much less of a drain on Mother Nature’s natural resources.

Unfortunately, a majority of Orange County residents and property owners only use pro-active preventative real estate maintenance on the exteriors of their properties and have a more reactive mindset to the inner workings of their properties, especially when it comes to the health and longevity of their plumbing, piping and sewage systems.

Over the last 15 years, the use of plumbing, piping and sewer line preventative real estate maintenance in Orange County’s commercial, industrial and municipal real estate sectors has seen a dramatic increase, but only single digit percentage increases within the residential real estate marketing community.  It would have been cost prohibitive to have your homes plumbing, piping and sewer lines inspected for potential problems 15 years ago, but advances in plumbing technology has dramatically reduced the price of electronic and video camera plumbing, piping and sewer line preventative inspections to the point where it doesn’t make sense for a residential real estate owner not to have one done.


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