Top 10 Indoor/Outdoor Ways to Save Water

Top 10 Indoor/Outdoor Ways to Save Water

water conservation tipsCurrently, we can only utilize 1% of Earth’s entire water supply.  The other 99% of Earth’s water supply is either salt water or frozen, so you can see just how important that 1% really is to our way of life. Cities around the world are feeling the effects of decades upon decades of little or no water conservation, so it’s more important than ever to do everything in our power to preserve and protect Mother Nature’s greatest natural resource, our water supply.

Listed below, you’ll find our Top 10 Indoor/Outdoor “Everyone Can Make a Difference” Water Conservation tips.  Do it for Your Family, Do it for Yourself and Do it for Mother Nature!


What You Can Do                                                                   How Much You Can Save

1. Wash Only Full Loads of Laundry & dishes                   Save Up to 50 Gallons/week

2.  Fix Household Leaks Promptly                                        Save Up to 20 Gallons/day

3.  Spend Only 5 Minutes in the Shower                             Save Up to 8 Gallons/shower

4.  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth                 Save Up to 2.5 Gallons/minute

5.   Replace Old Faucets & Water Fixture  w/new ones   Huge Savings!



What You Can Do                                                                   How Much You Can Save

6.  Water lawn 1-2 days/week not 5 days/week               Save Up to 840 Gallons/week

7.  Check sprinkler system for leaks, overspray
and broken sprinkler heads & repair promptly                Save Up to 500 Gallons/month

8.  Use a broom not a hose to clean driveways and
sidewalks                                                                                 Save Up to 150 Gallons/each time

9.  Install a sprinkler control that adjusts watering
based on weather, soil type, shade & plant type               Save Up to 40 Gallons/day

10.  Water plants in the early AM or PM to reduce
water evaporation from heat and wind                                Save Up to 25 Gallons/each time



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