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About Us


Orange County’s Trusted One Stop Shop for Over 50 Years!

GEERS – Where Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Service Never Cost Extra!

GEERS Plumbing and Heating was founded in Huntington Beach in 1958 and has been managed as a “family style business” ever since.  The original founder of GEERS Plumbing and Heating had a simple, honest and non-traditional business philosophy that’s still in effect at GEERS today and is as follows:

  • Always Put Your Customers Needs Above Your Own
  • Customers Deserve Reliable, Courteous, On-Time & Professional Service – ALWAYS
  • Offer the best in affordable and competitive pricing or you’ll be out of business!
  • Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations; Not Meet Them!
  • Delivering a great “Customer Experience” on a consistent/daily basis is Exceptional
  • GEERS is an exceptional Company!

It was a great way to do business back in 1958 and it’s still a great way of doing business in 2017!  GEERS began as a Plumbing and Heating Company, but ever since 1958 there’s been a steady and methodical progression of adding relevant products, services and expertly trained specialists to the GEERS family and menu of services.  The long term goal set forth in the original business plan was for GEERS to become one of the few Full Service ONE STOP SHOPS in all of Orange County by way of conservative growth, timely additions of new products and services and to add skilled and dedicated employees to the GEERS family with each additional product or services offering.

To be considered a true full service One Stop Shop, your ability to save customers time, money and aggravation by cross merchandising your products and services across the board was key and in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry that meant adding kitchen/bath renovations and a full-service showroom.  Adding a complete new category of products and services of this magnitude, and an on-site showroom, would take a tremendous amount of due diligence and a large/long term financial commitment, but most experts consulted over the years agree that the real key to the success of any businesses expansion of products or services was directly linked to the skill level, quality and dedication of the people and employees behind it.  To make it even more difficult, all new employee, product or services additions would have to consistently meet the same high standards and customer expectations that already existed and it takes a tremendous amount of time, loyalty and dedication, and a “do it right the first time “ attitude,  to make that happen day in and day out.

Orange County Plumber

David Fleck

The men responsible for overcoming the last obstacles of, what amounts to more than half a century of systematically adding the right products, services and staff at the right times, are GEERS current owners, Mr. Don Baker and Mr. David Fleck.  Don had worked for GEERS Plumbing and Heating almost 18 years ago, but left to fulfill his own dream of owning and operating his own plumbing and heating business.  Don went on to found, manage and sell two other successful plumbing and heating businesses, but he never forgot about his time with GEERS, their commons sense style of business and especially about their commitment to always put their customer’s needs above their own.

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Don Baker

Don and David had much in common, but their shared belief in “Partners, Partnerships and Building Long Term Relationships” is at the top of the list.  Don had built just such a long term partner relationship with Mr. David Fleck, a 3rd generation General Contractor with a Masters Certificate in Construction and who’s spent more than 20 years specializing in complete kitchen and bath renovations.  More importantly, Don and David had similar business styles and shared the same straight forward and non-traditional “customer first” managerial beliefs as GEERS did back in 1958.

The rest is history and a little more than 10 years ago, Don Baker and David Fleck became the sole owners, and assumed stewardship, of GEERS Plumbing and Heating in Huntington Beach and immediately went about adding a full “on-site” kitchen and bath renovations showroom complete with first class display areas, huge selections of top brand name plumbing, heating, air conditioning, kitchen and bath products, fixtures, systems and a wide array of accessories to fit everyone’s style and budget.  They also remodeled their Parts and Fixtures warehouse to the point where they’re known as the #1 choice in specialty and hard to find parts and accessories in Orange County.

Last, but not least, they’ve earned the right to be included as one of Orange County’s finest One Stop Shops, so if you’re looking for a plumbing, heating, air conditioning or kitchen/bath renovations company that’s promises an  Old School Work Ethic, Set of Values and Serious Craftsmanship as well as today’s latest innovations in Detection, Diagnostic and Repair Technology then STOP LOOKING because GEERS One Stop Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Complete Kitchen/Bath Renovations Shop promises to be everything you’re looking for and much more!

GEERS – Where Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Service Never Cost Extra!



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