Why Choose GEERS for Your Drain Cleaning & Hydro-Jetting Needs!


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    Why Choose GEERS for Your Drain Cleaning & Hydro-Jetting Needs!

    Our trained, licensed and professional Hydro-Jetting technicians use nothing but the finest state-of-the-art Hydro-Jetting equipment and our large Hydro-Jetting inventory means that our experienced technicians can safely hydro-jet and unclog your stopped up kitchen sink as well as clear a backed up 10 foot main sewer line.   Our largest Hydro-Jetting machines can deliver as much as 4000 psi at 18 gallons per minute and the pressure is adjustable so it can handle any given situation at any time. We also maintain a variety of hoses and specialty attachments that allow us to hydro-jet anything from a 10″ main sewer line all the way down to a…

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    Technological Advances in Pro-Active Plumbing, Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Preventative Maintenance

    Unclogging stubborn drains, persistent plumbing blockages, debris filled water pipes and backed up sewer lines used to be a very unpleasant, expensive, iffy and risky proposition, but electronic and video camera pipe inspection technology and a new technique called hydro-jetting has made preventative maintenance and cleaning clogged drains and sewer lines a reliable, affordable and extremely effective option for all property owners.. Hydro-jetting is the application of streams of high pressure water for use within pipes for cleaning & debris removal. Water at the correct high pressure can cut roots, dissolve blockages, emulsify grease and soaps while spray washing pipe…

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    Pro-Active Commercial Property Trends vs. Reactive Residential Property Mindsets

    Some residential and commercial real estate repairs and/or maintenance issues might be more prevalent in certain parts of our country than others, but clogged water drains and backed up sewer lines are as disruptive, messy, costly and frustrating to residents of New York, Chicago and Dallas as they are to us in Orange County. Residents and real estate owners of Orange County have been consistently ranked high on the list of California’s most committed, responsible and innovative eco-friendly communities.  We’ve earned  the reputation as pro-active “going green” leaders and eco-friendly preventative real estate maintenance innovators by using methods to protect…

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