Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down!  Tips for Summer Home Buyers


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    Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down! Tips for Summer Home Buyers

    Most real estate professionals refer to summer the “home buying” season.  More homes are sold during the Summer months than at any other time of the year.    Unfortunately, the rush and pressure to find, purchase and settle into a new home before the school year starts makes it easy for summer buyers to miss signs of trouble that they wouldn’t normally overlook. When they do recognize the signs of distress such as water leakage, poor pipes or an inadequate plumbing system, it’s usually too late to do anything but hire a professional plumbing contractor to repair the problem which could have been…

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    2012 Home Maintenance Checklist for Orange County Residents

    Seven million people are injured in and around their homes each year and it might surprise you to know that approximately 30,000 of those accidents prove fatal. Most “home related” injuries can be significantly reduced, or completely eliminated, if residents and homeowners took appropriate preventative measures and had a consistent home maintenance program in place.  The safety measures and home maintenance recommendations in our 2012 Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist for Orange County Residents and Homeowners can help reduce the risks of any home related injuries or accidents for you and your loved ones. Danger Zones in the Home: All-Around-the-House…

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