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Customer Reviews

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newport beach plumbing company

My father is an elderly man and received a phone call from the water dept saying that he was using 20 gallons of water per hour! Dad went to the yellow pages and called the first ad he saw (Mike Diamond). After stressing all night about this and then waiting all day for them to show up, they ended up calling late in the afternoon saying they weren't going to make it. I remembered hearing about Geers from a customer where I work (Home Depot) so I convinced my dad to call them. The came out first thing in the morning and when I got home from work today, not only did they repair the leak (at a much lower cost than Mike Diamond quoted) but my father was so impressed with the great customer service and manners of the young men (Gilbert and Todd) who came out today. Geers, you have customers for life and I will definitely recommend you to my customers! Thank you very much!!

Tricia L.

Always a pleasure having work done from Geers. Thank you for your amazing costumer service. Quality work done, I highly recommend this company!

Bianca P.

Excellent service! Here within an hour, same day, no emergent. Replaced German hose in kitchen faucet
And checked bathroom shower
Faucet. In/out in less than 1.5
Would highly recommend for future needs!


Towards the end of the day the 3 showers in our house started to back up and flood. We didn't notice it right away because we were outside. Water flooded everywhere = disaster. As long as I can remember growing up in Huntington Beach my dad always called Geers Plumbing. So that is who I called.

Within an hour Rusty showed up. He was great. He knew exactly what to look for and he went above and beyond to get our plumbing issue FIXED. On a large ranch style home it didn't look easy. But Rusty was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly!

Thank you Geers Plumbing and thank you Rusty!

Kathy C.

Geers is the answer for your plumbing and heating needs. I've coming here for twenty years and they always take the time to understand your problem and help you through it. They are a great local resource for all of your plumbing needs.

I'm a DIY'er and I come here for parts and education on repairs and upgrades. Sometimes I drop the ball and end up trying to find parts at Home Depot or Lowe's but that usually ends up in a frustrating conversation with a sales clerk that just wants to send you out the door and on your way. Don't waste time trying to find the right parts on your own. Come to Geers FIRST!

Gil over at the Geers parts counter is always friendly and patient and helps you fix it right, THE FIRST TIME! He will even give you extra tips and tricks to get you through it without drama. All the guys here are helpful and their prices are competitive with the local "big box" home improvement stores.

If you have a plumbing or HVAC emergency, call them 24/7 and they will fix it for you! Keep this number handy!

Ross I.

Leon showed up on time and performed the job quickly. i thought their pricing was very fair. i will use them again.

Tara M.


Our tile contractor had to replace some ceramic tiles in our kitchen after a broken pipe under the slab was repaired by Geers. He commented that he had never seen such a precision job - not one tile adjacent to those removed was chipped.
The job was scheduled, done on time - and the house left dust free.
Our first repair with Geers, A+++.

Linda D.

Thank you for this message. Jose did an outstanding job! Hard worker, on time, clean, maticulous, all the things I expect when having work done in my home. He is knowledgeable, easy going, great attitude with outstanding work ethics. Thank you Jose for everything once again. If I ever need any other work done as far a plumbing or heating I will call you guys and requst for Jose.

Zuki Garcia

David and Don simply put are among the best I've encountered. Thanks for the great work guys. We really appreciate everything you did for us and will call you out again as needed. Thanks so much!

Richard - Google Places

Thank you! Jose was the "very best"

Tom Thompson

Leon was SO great, he worked very hard to make sure he fixed our leak in one day! He is ALWAYS welcome at the Yamamoto household!

Mrs. Yamamoto

Jose is a great plumber. He doesn't mess around, he gets the job done quick and he's awful polite.

Don C.

Tell Don thank you very much! I came in this morning and bought parts, he suggested I try something; he saved me $7,000.00 and it worked! I'll keep your business card forever!

George B.

I appreciate the help I received from Leon of Geers Plumbing. My sink had a chip in it so that I could not, on my own, install a sink pop-up stopper assembly without it leaking. Leon immediately determined the problem. He was able, with his experience and his "never give up" attitude, to stop the leak. I can now wait for a more convenient time to replace the sink if I desire.

Dennis R. - March 19th 2012 - Yelp

They have all the actual replacement parts vs after market crap that doesn't fit well that they sell at Ace, Lowes and Home Depot (which I will never shop at). In addition, I used them to clean out my drains throughout the house (3 full baths). The employee came on time, was friendly and did not have a plumber crack which I understand is a popular game on IPods - LOL

Joe P. - March 16th 2012 - Yelp

I want to thank you and also Leon for doing a good installation. I will recommend Geers Plumbing HIGHLY! My next door neighbor was right and I am glad I called you.

Mike Galitzen

We were very impressed with Waldo. He was very nice, professional and thoughtful! We wanted to let you know this was the first time we've used you and we'll be using you for everything now! Waldo was just great!

Laura L.

Matt was very professional and helpful, it went very well.

John H.

Matt T. is a fine young man, he was very efficient and did a great job! He was so polite, we just appreciate such good service.

Rebecca D.

Good day Geers Plumbing & Heating, I have something to tell you..... I had an experience last Friday with YOUR plumber named MATT. I want to tell you how wonderful the day became.. I had a hot water issue..... to say the least. Matt arrived ON TIME with a phone call to confirm his appointment......what a good thing. He discovered my water heater was shot..... He left to go get a new one & returned in 10-15 min. Do you believe that? He worked very efficiently WOULD NOT ALLOW ME to help, would not use my bathroom, WOULD NOT take my offer of bottled water, called Waldo for help with a piece of wood.. Waldo was there in 11 minutes.

All kidding aside all of the above is true SO I want to tell you Matt is great, did clean, steady work & left my home as he found it LESS a lot of water in my garage. Matt is welcome back in the future, as well as another of your employees who installed my (purchased from you) Grohe kitchen faucet. Your Saturday counter man has been very helpful for many of MY PLUMBING problems..
I am very satisfied with your company as well as your staff of great people. Thank you for being there...

Kent Fulmer

My thanks to Matt who came on a moment's notice and did a fantastic job.

Kathy P.

Paul is the nicest guy, he's so determined and sweet. I just wanted to let you know.

Tom C.

Matt did a great job keeping his work area clean and I appreciate how courteous he was. Thank you for sending him to my house, I just wanted to let you know how great he was!

Mrs. Burnett

Paul was just super, he did an excellent job!

Gary T.

Waldo was great, he did a fantastic job! He even found a few leaks I would have never found on my own! I want to sing his praise, and let him know how happy I am!

Don S.

Quite simply - and far and away - the best plumbing supply store. Anywhere! Bar none...

Don and Dan know their stuff (their knowledge and experience is outta this world good), and they won't hesitate in getting right down to it. Saved me a ton of time, gas money, aggravation ... I dunno how anyone can afford not to use Geers Plumbing! I'm both a first-time customer and a lifelong one.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Geers gets a 12. Okay, maybe 13 ...Do hear a 14?

bobc - October 16th 2010 – Yahoo Local

Found a very hard to find part in their over counter sales. This place has a parts department, Showroom and
they have 4 vans for service. you cant beat that. Best place for all plumbing needs in Huntington Beach.

Mr fix it - August 20th 2008 – Yahoo Local

Just want to tell you liked Jose very much. He was really pleasant and explained in detail what our problem was. We really appreciate Jose for being patient with us. We will definitely call Geers Plumbing when we have other problems


Matt came out and fixed our washer drain. I had tried to fix it several times and had another plumber come out and work on it but no one could fix it until Matt showed up and had it fixed in five minutes.

It's cool to have a Zach Galifianakis look alike fix it up. Super nice guy too.

Now I know if I have plumbing problems, I need to call Geers first.

Aric Plumley

Geers has all Pro Plumbers, Matt with more then 32 years in the plumbing trade. and there shop has every part you could ever need. Plus the best rates in HB. Go Geers!

Gardners - July 17th 2011 Google Places

I first discovered Geers via OSH, when OSH didn't have something. "But they're not very friendly" the OSH guy told me. WRONG! Every time i've worked with Don at the front counter, he's been polite, welcoming, and most importantly knowledgeable. Bought several plumbing and heating parts, all fitting the first time and working well.

Don also excels at estimates: informative, easily understood, flexible. I'd found via research that all that was really needed to fix two wall heaters was a new heat exchanger assembly for each...but the manufacturer does not sell to non-tradespeople. Discussed the option with Don of their just replacing the heat exchangers vs. the whole units. He did his own research and concluded that it was a viable option. Savings: about $1000, halving the cost. Not many places would work with a customer to help save money--Geers did.

Jose did the installation/inspection/testing. I'm neither a plumber nor heating technician, though i was a home audio (stereo) technician in the past, so i do know some things about service trades. I admired Jose's attention to detail and precision work, and learned a great deal watching him (with his permission).

I feel completely comfortable using Geers, trusting their work, and recommending them. They're my go-to place for plumbing and heating, from parts to full service.

Sonic P. - Pasadena, September 20th 2011 – Yelp

Great service - the guy behind the counter helped me find a better fitting than the one I needed, and it was cheaper than the one I had originally come in for. Kudos to Geers, it's where I'll be coming from now on!

Jack F. - Los Angeles, July 27th 2011 – Yelp

Had a roof drain installed. It works great and Mario made sure it not only worked, but that the installation would cause no future problems. Highly recommend.

Cbouvier - March 5th 2010 – CitySearch

These guys came promptly on a Saturday morning call to fix a gas leak. Another (large well advertised) company had messed up the job and charged us $500. Paul from Geers fixed it for $125.

94Sailor - May 8th 2010 – CitySearch

Very Impressed, I called around for a quote and they were the first to answer the phone. They were prompt on arrival and professional while in my home. I will definitely call them again.

Guest91486 - July 30th 2008 – SuperPages

Excellent! I called Geers and they sent Rob over who did a wonderful job and charged me the minimum one hour for the job ($95). He was also very nice and professional. I needed my B-Q gas pipe to be rerouted, a quick and easy job. Before calling Geers, I called Mike Diamond Plumbing services. Their guy came in and gave me an outrageous quote for $420 with all the extra frivolous charges that I did not need like $20 mandatory charge for homeowner insurance and $75 for his quote, when I have already bought the insurance for the house. Plus, he could not tell me how he priced the job and said that it's a flat charge when it should only take him 15 minutes to do it. Then before he left, he told me that I have to pay him $75 for giving me a quote. I got mad and called his boss. His boss apologized and told him to give back my $75. Well, I definitely use Geers services again for my next heater replacement and others and would give them an A+++.

Guest31548 - September 10th 2008 – SuperPages

Having a bunch of girls in the house only means one thing...... "Drain Clogs!" Of course, they happen at the most inconvenient time! Luckily, I have no fear, because I have Geers Plumbing & Heating available on speed dial... ;) Geers offers 24 Hour Emergency Service! I called and they responded immediately! Understanding to my work schedule, they even met me at 5:30PM, when most plumbing agencies call it a day. The service guy that came out was very friendly, clean cut, respectful and courteous. (Not all greasy, scary and yucky...) He went straight into action, and was done in less than 30 minutes! State licenses and bonded, Geers offers a variety of plumbing and heating service needs from drain cleaning, video pipe inspections, water heaters, tank-less heaters, soft water systems, electronic heat detection, Main Sewer issues, heating, bath and kitchen remodeling, "Go Green" Eco-Friendly enhancements, parts and fixtures all with quality performance guaranteed!

Stephi S. - Huntington Beach, February 1st 2010 – Yelp

Hubby decided that after watching several hours of DYI television and This Old House reruns, he was ready to fix a dripping faucet. I wanted him to call a plumber, but, like Don Quixote, he was dreaming the impossible dream and following his quest despite unbeatable foes (me!). Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say, Hubby managed to take the faucet apart without flooding the bathroom, and pull the piece out that needed repair. His first trek was to Home Depot, but not much help. He then went to Lowe's (who were MUCH more helpful than Home Depot). They told him that they really didn't sell such specialized parts, and sent him to Geers. The staff helped him find the exact part and gave him some tips and hints on how to repair the faucet. Well, $30 later, my 'smell good guy' had the faucet repaired! Kudos to Geers for unbelievable patience, information, service, and stocking these difficult to find plumging parts....and for helping Hubby on this quest. Now, the only problem I have is his desire to tackle a misbehaving ceiling fan......

Louis M. - Seal Beach, May 17th 2011 – Yelp

Your man Jose did a great job, worked straight thru lunch and got me fixed up.
- June 16, 2011

Brian, Huntington Beach

To whom it may concern, Paul recently came out and moved our washer and dryer into my garage. I had 2-3 estimates in the area of $2,300. Orange Coast wanted to do it for an amazing $5,600. Paul came out and did it for $1,575. The price was obviously right, but the real reason I went with Paul was because he is a great salesman with the knowledge to back it up. I don't mind paying extra as long as I feel I can trust the person. My wife and I felt very comfortable with Paul. Paul's experience and honesty clearly showed. I am sold and will definitely contact your company with any future needs. I also recently referred him to several other people and it won't be the last time. So if I were you, I would pat Paul on the back and do what you can to keep him as an employee.
- May 26, 2011

Anthony Pham, Huntington Beach

We are Very Happy with the work that your plumbers Waldo and Matt completed. They are Great Guys.
- May 23, 2011

Gary Thompson, Newport Beach

Thank You for assisting My client. As a new widow and disabled, she really depends on friends and understanding vendors. I have hired Geers to work on other plumbing problems in their old home and will call Geers again.
- June 2, 2011

Joyce Hummell- Huntington Beach

Don, I will never hire any other plumber other than your plumber Matt. He was professional, polite, and knowledgeable. I am recommending Geers Plumbing to our board of directors.
- May 10, 2011

Lynn Copeland - Huntington Beach

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