Complete Bathroom Renovations

Complete Bathroom Renovations

From Concept to Completion, GEERS Complete One Stop Bath & Kitchen Renovations Shop’s Got You Covered!

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Homeowner’s of today have a much more “all inclusive and luxurious” viewpoint as to what their baths, bathrooms and vanity areas should look like, feel like, smell like and function like.  Combine that with the amazing amount of specialty fixtures, personalized accessories and eco-friendly products on the market today and you can see why bath and bathroom remodeling ranks #1 as the area most likely to be renovated by most homeowners.

The latest national survey of licensed realtors also lists bath and bathroom renovation and restoration as the #1 way homeowners can improve the value of their home.  Those facts haven’t been lost on the homeowner’s in Orange County and Southern California residents have been especially conscious of maximizing the functionality, design and comfort of every room in their homes.  The latest national surveys list the order in which homeowners  would make complete renovations as follows:

1. Master Bath
2. Kitchen
3. Bath
4. Vanity Area

Designing and building a bath area that captures a home owner’s vision of functionality, amenities and added features is difficult enough with new construction and unlimited space, but the list of obstacles and challenges facing the design and renovation of existing bath areas can be daunting.  Space restrictions for most renovation projects remain the number one issue, but that’s just one of many issues that can make any bath or vanity renovation project a nightmare.

Let GEERS ONE STOP BATH RENOVATIONS SHOP professionals turn your next bath or vanity renovation project into a dream instead of a nightmare.  Our experienced, licensed, insured and bonded professional team of renovations specialists have extensive backgrounds in bath and kitchen design, construction, renovations, project management and project budgetary cost analysis.  Our on-site full service bath and kitchen showroom in Huntington Beach has a large selection of brand name appliances, fixtures, materials and accessories for you to choose from and we’ve displayed them in a “model home” like environment for your convenience and viewing pleasure.

At GEERS, we’ve found that extensive research, planning and managerial organizational skills are vital to the success of any renovation project, but keeping the lines of communication open and free-flowing between homeowner and contractor is even more important and we hire and train all of our renovation specialists to be good communicators.
Complete Bath and Vanity Remodeling isn’t an exact science, but we’ve streamlined and broken down our “Concept to Completion” process into the following three (3) phases to make your overall bath and vanity renovation experience as pleasant, enjoyable and pain free as possible:

orange county bath renovationPhase 1 – Conceptual Design Phase: GEERS uses both on-site and independent bath and vanity area renovation designers and consultants to insure that all possibilities for design and materials are explored to capture your design vision.  Once again, the key is planning, organization and communication, so you can expect your assigned project manager you’re your renovation specialist to perform the following actions:

1. Complete Project Measurement Summary – We’ll visit your home as many times as it takes to accurately measure every square inch that directly or indirectly involved or affected by your bath or vanity renovation.

2. Initial Renovation Layout – We’ll design your new bath or vanity area in a way that attempts to capture your vision within the space available using the information calculated in Step 1 above including an actual bath and vanity area layout showing the measurements of all cabinets, fixtures, mirrors and accessories etc…

3. Trim and Finish Materials Selection – Your Renovation Specialist will then help you and your family choose all of the material finishes for your new cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures and flooring etc…

4. Cost Estimation and Budget Construction – Coming up with a budget is never easy, but we make it as accurate and pain free as possible by having your project manager and renovations specialist take whatever time necessary to help you formulate an attainable and realistic budget.  Our designers and consultants then use those figures to create your new bath or vanity area full of ideas, choices and options at a price you can afford.  ONE STOP SHOPPING is a real benefit during this stage because GEERS is both the contractor and the materials, plumbing, lighting and fixture supplier etc…so we already know what the prices are which takes most of the worry and guess work out of the equation.

Phase 2 – Renovations Material Selections:  Our Huntington Beach showroom offers a complete selection of everything you need for your complete bath or vanity area renovation and are displayed in a “model home” like environment for your convenience.  Our wide selection of styles, models and top brand names can accommodate every budget from basic to very high end and includes the following a full line of bathroom cabinets, counter tops, lighting fixtures, flooring, plumbing fixtures and accessories etc…

Watch our video on the benefits of a walk-in massage tub for the elderly.

Phase 3 – Installation:  GEERS has been delivering enhanced “bath and vanity room renovation experiences” to our customers for years and we guarantee our customers the following and much more:

  • First class quality service at an affordable price
  • On-Time Arrivals for all Scheduled Customer, Vendor and Inspection Appointments
  • Access to our extensive “Bath  & Kitchen” Renovation Knowledge Base
  • Our “On Time, On Schedule & On Budget” Guarantee
  • All workers, including sub-contractors, will be licensed, bonded & insured
  • An assigned and dedicated “GO TO PROJECT MANAGER”
  • Renovation Specialists with Extensive Problem Solving and Project Management Experience
  • Using the least invasive methods possible to finish your project on time & on budget
  • Our installation teams uses nothing but the finest quality tools and equipment available
  • Unlimited Free Consultations with our Renovations Specialists before, during & after we’re done
  • Experienced, Helpful and Professional Employees at All Company Levels
  • All that and much, much more…

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