Go Green – Eco Friendly

Go Green – Eco Friendly

Going Green & Becoming More Eco-Friendlyeco friendly plumbing

In the past, the terms “going green” and “becoming eco-friendly” usually ended costing the consumer more than they were paying for similar traditional products and services, but technology, innovation and our nations commitment to cleaning up our environment has led to the development of thousands upon thousands of eco-friendly alternatives resources that are competitively priced and produce similar results to normal or traditional methods.

GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING SHOP has been providing Orange County customers with professional, reliable and quality plumbing services at affordable prices for more than 50 years and we’ve made it a top priority to share both our extensive knowledge- base and our extensive inventory of eco-friendly/green products, fixtures and services with all of our Orange customers.  The fact is, no effort to help our environment is too small and the eco-friendly products and services we offer do help save our national resource, but that’s only a small fraction of what plumbers and the plumbing community can offer in the way of conservation.

Besides GEERS vast inventory of eco-friendly/water saving toilets, faucets, shower heads, tank-less water heaters and Whole House Water Filtration Systems etc…we’ve also developed a list of inexpensive and “easy to implement” water conservation and money saving tips that will go a long way in helping our environment and put a few extra bucks in your pocket by substantially reducing your monthly water bill.

In fact, just by using water efficient plumbing products, the average American can reduce his or her daily water usage from 70 to 43 gallons. A family of four would save 39,000 gallons of water per year. 39,000 GALLONS! There are plenty of other ways that the average homeowner can conserve water and reduce their monthly water bill.  Fixing even the smallest leak or home faucet drip can save an enormous amount of water. One leaky faucet, leaking at a rate of 60 drips per minute, wastes over 2,000 gallons of water annually. We also have leak detection equipment for the hard to find leaks behind your walls.
(GEERS has a great selection of Eco-Friendly Toilets)

Top brand name fixture manufacturers such as Kohler, Delta and Moen are leading the way on many of the latest environmentally friendly products.  Generally, these products do not cost any more than traditional plumbing fixtures and offer a quick return on investment.  For example, simply replacing an aerator in a kitchen or bathroom faucet is relatively inexpensive but can yield a water savings up to 30%. Technology has greatly improved these products over their original designs and homeowners who use them do not experience any difference in water pressure or overall performance.

Call GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING SHOP today for further information about all of our ECO-FRIENDLY and GREEN solutions to your plumbing, heating and sewer line needs.  It’s easier than ever for environmentally conscious customers to find green products that suit their needs, so come by and visit our large “on-site” showroom and we’ll be glad to show you all the available options that can save you money and help our environment at the same time.

Water Saving Toilets & Urinals:
Less efficient toilets are found in almost half of American homes. Technology has come a long way; you won’t have to flush twice.

Water Saving Faucets:
Good low-flow or water-saving faucets and showerheads deliver what feels like full-volume water. Conserve Water with High-Efficiency.

Water Saving Shower Head:
Low flow shower heads can cut water use in haft, with no discernable difference to the user.

Tankless Water Heaters:
If you want to use less energy, reduce Global Warming or produce less waste, tankless is the way to go. View more information.

Whole House Water Filtration:
Salt free water filters that won’t be flushed into the water harming the environment.

Learn more about additional green savings!

Call Us Today at 714-536-1449 for further eco-friendly information or to schedule a free “Going Green” consultation!  You’ll Be Glad You Did!

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