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GEERS – Where Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Service Never Cost Extra!

GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING & HEATING SHOP has been providing courteous, reliable and quality heating services at affordable prices to residential customers in Orange County for over 50 years.  Our ONE STOP HEATING SHOP is fully capable of handling any and all of your heating needs including sales, service, repair, replacement, installation and a wide selection of maintenance plans that fit almost every budget.  Our professional heating technicians are all licensed, bonded and insured to insure your safety and protection and we use nothing but the finest state of the art heating detection, diagnostic and repair equipment.

New and innovative heating technology allows our heating specialists to cut down on the time it takes to detect the exact location and nature of your heating issue, find a suitable and affordable solution and to make the necessary adjustments, repairs and/or replacement of parts in a timely, courteous and affordable manner.  We operate our heating business in such a manner that customers save time and money with our ONE STOP SHOPPING approach to heating, but the list of GEERS ONE STOP SHOPPING benefits doesn’t stop there.

Some customers wish or hope for a certain type of “heating experience”, but GEERS has been meeting or exceeding heating customer’s wishes and hopes for over 50 years and with GEERS you can EXPECT:

  • Fast and Reliable Heating Service, Repair, Replacement and Installation
  • Exceptional Quality and Workmanship
  • Cost Effective/Affordable Solutions for All Your Heating Needs
  • On-Time Scheduled Arrivals by our Mobile Fleet of Heating Specialists
  • Up Front Pricing with a “No Surprises” Guarantee
  • Immediate 24 Hour/7 Days a Week Emergency Services
  • Certified, Licensed, Insured and Bonded Heating Professionals
  • Reliable, Courteous & Quality Service at an Affordable Price
  • Fleet of Well Stocked and Maintained Heating Vans and Trucks
  • One of the Largest Inventories of Top Brand Name Plumbing, Heating & Kitchen/Bath Fixtures in O.C.
  • One of the Largest Inventories of Specialty/Hard to Find Parts & Accessories in O.C.
  • Full Service “On-Site” Plumbing, Heating and Complete Kitchen/Bath Renovation Deluxe Showroom
  • Customer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 53 Plus Years of Meeting or Exceeding our Customers Plumbing and Heating Expectations

At GEERS, we’ve spent more than 50 years treating our Orange County customers in a courteous, helpful, timely and professional manner and that isn’t just good business; its good manners!

energy starGEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING & HEATING SHOP carries a full and complete line of top name heating brands at very competitive prices.  Our products range from HVAC systems, heaters and furnaces (including high efficiency models) to upgrades and accessories, to products for improving indoor air quality. Tax Credits are available for many of the high efficiency models and you’ll reap a substantial cost savings over the long haul by using less energy and reducing your monthly utilities bill for many years to come. We also offer a wide range of products and accessories that improve the air quality in your home or office including air filtration systems and high efficiency air purification systems designed to clean and purify the air around you.

GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING & HEATING SHOP’s skilled heating technicians trouble-shoot and repair problems affecting all kinds of HVAC systems, heaters and furnaces. Our heating specialists have been well trained and are more than capable to work on just about every make and model of heating system every made.  We use nothing but the finest state of the art detection, diagnostic and repair equipment to obtain a clear “snapshot” of your heating systems health/stability status and, if necessary, to determine the exact location of your heating problem, define exactly what that problem consists of, make an informed conclusion as to the best solution available and to resolve your heating problems in the most time sensitive, cost effective, professional and least invasive method possible.  This process saves our customers time, money and unnecessary frustration.

We’re 53 years confident that GEERS can handle all of your HVAC, furnace or heating repairs, replacements, new installations or maintenance issues no matter what type, brand or model and provide around the clock 24 Hour/7 Days a Week Emergency Repair, Replacement and New Installation Service.

The number of brand name HVAC and Heating system manufacturers has grown significantly over the last 20 years due to advanced technology, heating system innovation and a global awareness toward preserving our natural resources through eco-friendly products and services.  With so many products and heating systems on the market, how are you to know which one is right for you and your family.  No Problem!  Just ask for a free heating system consultation from one of the professional heating technicians at GEERS and you’ll be on your way to picking a “space appropriate” heating system that fits you like a glove for many years to come.

We carry one of the largest inventories of top brand name HVAC and heating systems in all of Orange County and our large selection means that there’s a heating system for almost every budget.  We’ve been selling, repairing, maintaining and installing HVAC’s and Heating systems in Orange County for more than 50 years and consider this your personal invitation to stop by our full service “on-site” plumbing, heating and complete kitchen/bath renovation showroom located in Huntington Beach anytime and view all of our top brand name fixtures, parts and accessories in a “model home” type environment.

Regular maintenance of your heating system guarantees maximum efficiency, extends the systems expected lifetime, helps prevent little problems turning into big problems, saves energy/eco-friendly and reduces the size and cost of your monthly utility bills.  Simple maintenance, done on a consistent basis, such as changing your filters can have a dramatic impact on your heating system’s overall efficiency and performance as well as enhance the quality of air it produces.  In fact, most brand name manufacturers of HVAC’s and Heating systems require maintenance checks just to keep the manufacturers warranties valid. GEERS has a wide range of comprehensive, cost effective and affordable maintenance programs to choose from and the best way to keep your HVAC or heating system running in a consistent, cost effective and productive manner is through consistent and professional maintenance.

Call Us Today at 714-536-1449 to find out more about the benefits of ONE STOP SHOPPING at GEERS or for further details about any of our heating related offering including sales, repairs, replacements, installations and full line of maintenance programs.  We offer Free Consultations on all of your plumbing and heating needs and feel free to stop by our plumbing, heating and complete kitchen/bath showroom anytime and visit with our heating, plumbing and kitchen/bath renovation professionals.

Call Us Today at 714-536-1449  You’ll Be Glad You Did!

GEERS – Where Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Service Never Cost Extra!

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