Main Sewer Lines

Main Sewer Lines

Residential Maintenance, Repairs & Replacement

grease build upGEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING has been providing courteous, reliable and quality main sewer line repair, maintenance and replacement service to residential and commercial customers in Orange County for over 50 years.  Our sewer line repair and replacement professionals are well trained, use nothing but the finest State of the Art Detection, Diagnostic and Repair Equipment and are licensed, bonded and insured for your safety and protection.  Our mobile sewer repair technicians all drive well stocked plumbing vans which saves on costly time consuming trips to supply warehouses searching for hard to find parts thus providing you with a faster end solution to your sewer problems.

The entire staff at GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING takes great pride in continuing the 50 plus year GEERS tradition that guarantees every customer receives the most reliable, timely, professional and affordable sewer line repair or replacement experience possible.  Add that to the fact that we’ve always believed that treating customers in a courteous, helpful, timely and professional manner isn’t just good business; its good manners and you’ll see why GEERS ONE STOP PLUMBING & MAIN SEWER LINE REPAIR & REPLACEMENT SHOP should be your one and only source for all your sewer maintenance, repair and replacement needs.

How to Choose a Sewer Repair Solution that’s Right for You!

The odds of satisfactorily fixing or repairing any problem without knowing exactly what the problem is and where it’s located aren’t great, but the odds grow far greater when an underground main sewer line is involved.  Before throwing caution to the wind, our expert sewer line repair technicians can save you time, money and frustration by using today’s latest electronic and video technology to determine the problem area’s exact location, define what the problem is and then form an expert and informed diagnostic solution to resolve the issue in the most time sensitive, cost effective and least invasive method possible.

GEERS can also provide a preventative maintenance video sewer line inspection to see what shape your sewer lines are currently in and if repairs are necessary.  Our sewer line “mini-cam” finds out exactly what and where the problem is without the big expense of “exploratory” plumbing and our Video line inspection can also be used to check out the state of affairs of your lateral pipes as well. TRENCHLESS SEWER REPAIR TECHNOLOGY

How to Avoid Expensive Trenching to Repair Clogged, Damaged or Broken Sewer Lines

Clogs, Obstructions and Blockages to a home’s main sewer line can be very costly and the extensive digging and excavation that goes along with it can cost thousands of dollars more.  Twenty years ago, homeowners didn’t have an option, but technology has smiled on today’s homeowners with an innovation called Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology.  GEERS trenchless sewer repair professional technicians have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of trenchless pipe repair and replacement and can fix your collapsed, broken, clogged or obstructed sewer lines without having to excavate, trench or dig up your entire yard and trenchless sewer repair has proved just as durable and reliable as traditional excavation methods.

Call GEERS today for more information on our traditional sewer repair/replacement services and our trenchless sewer repair and replacement services or to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our expert staff to help you in deciding which sewer repair or replacement method is right for you!

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